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The Joyful Journey with AI: Transforming Every Home!

Home Sweet Home: Embrace the AI Revolution and Revel in Bliss!

The AI Smile: the facial recognition that knows you

The AI Smile: the facial recognition that knows you. – – Welcome to the wonderful world of facial recognition, where the simple act of smiling can now open the doors of knowledge to you. Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and…

What’s new in AI

Embark on the AI 2.0 era: the latest revelations. peter.laws July 24, 2023 Modify Welcome to the AI 2.0 era, where technological advances continue to surprise us. In this article, we’re going to unveil the most exciting secrets of this…

Drones and AI: what a duo

Drones and AI: a duo of winner Drones and AI are innovative technologies that have a significant impact on various sectors. Drones are used for surveillance, mapping, delivery, photography and even entertainment. AI is used for automation, translation, facial and…